Spring Garlic Soup

New garlic is pure white – the bulbs are crisp when cut yet give way to a tender sweetness when slowly cooked. Purchase these beauties now from Wild Rose Farm, as their harvest window is fleeting. Soon the sweet scapes will rise and the small bulbs will grow into the mature heads we are accustomed to. The flavor of spring garlic is all it’s own, highlighted in a soup that holds nothing more than garlic, thyme, stock and bread. It’s simplicity is accented by the brightness of Slanted Sun Farm’s Piment d’ Soleil. Depending on the stock you choose to use, this is can easily be a satisfying vegan dish.

1 cup (or a handful) of spring garlic bulbs, stems cut off
3-4 sprigs of thyme, leaves stripped
3 thick slices of Breadfarm’s House White bread, crusts removed
1 quart of chicken, duck or vegetable stock.
Olive oil
1 tsp salt or TT

Quarter the garlic bulbs. Over low heat and a generous amount of olive oil, baste the garlic and thyme, covered, for 20 minutes until soft and only very lightly browned (if at all). Tear the bread and add to the pot with stock. Simmer for 15-25 minutes. Salt and let cool for 10 minutes before pureeing in the blender until silken.

Garnish with Piment d’Soleil, olive oil and sauteed garlic scapes.